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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hot gossip:

Another nail post, but this one is a must see! When I thought of a Gossip Girl collaboration with Nails Inc I wasn't sure quite what to expect....the packaging is all be it cheap looking, with some snap shots of the stars  superimposed onto the front. Big not let this first impression fool you! The nail varnishes them selves are quite possibly the best things ever invented!

The first set I was to try was the Lily Collection. It contains two sets of varnishes, 'Lily' plum black and 'High Society' overglaze for a whopping £20. I first applied a base coat of Nails Inc's own 'Kensington Caviar' so that the plum black didn't stain my nails. 

Next apply the middle coat of 'Lilly' plum black, I found that one coat was enough to cover the whole nail. It is smooth and dries really quickly. 

Lastly, the fun part. The 'High Society" overglaze is actually AMAZING! One coat to blast your nails into epic, futuristic, holographic proportions!! It took a few seconds to dry and I added a top coat to give it an nice gloss. 

I am actually in love with this stuff, I can't fault it one bit. The varnishes went on really easily and dried within seconds, meaning I didn't have to flap my hand around. It would be even better if I didn't bite my nails.



Stay beautiful!
Pixie out xoxo

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A little bit of heaven without the guilt complex!

All these dark, cold nights are starting to become a bit of a snore fest. You can't go out on nights out without a coat and the sunshine we do get seems to be scared of commitment.

Tonight was one of those nights, nothing good was on the telle and I have watched every DVD my flat owns. I decided to run myself a bath and try out the Motange Jeuneess Hot Chocolate SelfWarming masque. Firstly, they are more than generous with the amount of product that is in the packets, enough there to keep and use a second time. It smells totally amazing and the true test is not licking your lips, it doesn't taste that great.

After smoothing it over my face I sat back in my bubble bath and let the chocolate do its thing. The self warming aspect is great for those chilly nights and made my face tingle. It dries quite quickly and after 10 minutes I washed it off and patted my face dry.

The results are quite surprising for a £1 face mask. My face was smooth and felt clean, a bonus when you live in grubby London where your face is constantly attacked by grime. I would recommend this for a cheap indulgence and it's great for that little night in. I can't wait to try some others from the range!

Available from Boots and Superdrug.

Stay beautiful!
Pixie xoxo

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