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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Unless you are a pretty unless daughter or you have missed the mothers day stands which spring up straight after Christmas, then you will know that on Sunday 18th of March it is Mothers Day!!!! Mummies around the world will be treated to hand made cards, prezzies and breakfast in bed. If you are a little too old for paper cards with bits of sparkly string stuck to it then perhaps I can make a suggestion. Steamcream have released a limited edition tin, Yoshino. This pretty tin is decorated with little pink cherry blossom!

Steamcream uses a unique method of steam to blend its all natural ingredients together, leaving a smooth light cream. Not only is it brilliant for the face but it works on hands and the body too. Great for your busy mum! The tins are £12.50 and are available in John Lewis, Boots and Debenhams.

Give your self a shot of Adrenalin this Summer!

It's been a while but I am back with a pinch of sparkle. I have a new found love for Topshop make up, especially their massive selection of nail varnish. Topshop have released a selection of three glitter nail varnishes to celebrate the opening of a Topshop store in Las Vegas!

As you should know, I am a whore for nail varnish and this is my new fav. Barbie would be proud of these nails. I started by applying a base coat of Revlon's new Fruit Fizz nail enamel in Grape Fizz. Not only is it a pretty colour but it smells of grapes! Bonus! Topshop's new glitter varnish in Adrenalin is amazing and affordable at £6.00. Applying this over your base coat instantly adds some glitz! Perfect for these balmy, sunny days. Let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful!

Pixie xoxo

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